Let´s get real

Hey Lovelies,


Now today will be another first…and this one isn´t particularly easy for me, but hey.

You know this debate about every avatar being a real person behind the screen?

Now the other day D and I went to a small castle nearby which is a wedding location, too and they had a tree in their garden with a round bench around it. I have something like that in SL as you might have seen occasionally.

I had another insane/brave moment and did some poses I remembered to be in the SL version, so today you´ll see Alex for the first time…

Are you ready? Neither am I but fuck it, it won´t get better anyways XD

RL me comparedRL me compared 2

I squint like hell cos I´m very light-sensitive … we´ll do a close up on my eyes soon. And God help me (oh stop laughing, that goes for you, too , Jesus XD ) those poses aren´t as ideal for Alex as they are for Kasha…


so yeah…  erm back to business:

Alex is wearing a Shirt by qwertee.com and Jeans by C&A

Kasha is wearing:

Truth Tinsley


BM Batman Kiss

Alyce Flare Jeans

I don´t think I´ll promote this one as much as I do with the other entries *laughs*

take care



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