Lady in red is …standing in the kitchen ;P

Hey Lovelies,

double take this fine early afternoon, eh? Well but I HAVE to show you , so … sit back

Lady in red_002

So yeah, that´s my kitchen. You´ve seen it many times, it´s by What´s next and i´s the cutest kitchen I´ve ever seen. I´ve changed the placement quite a lot for my DaD Cottage.

Ok enough of the background 😉

I´ve been visiting an old friend´s store the day before yesterday and I grabbed a couple of things. Then there was a reminder for the Truth Photo Contest and this outfit happened.

Truth  – Yuko


Just Because – Misty

Just Because – Tanya

Sentinus – Rebeka

Plus I took this outfit out to dance last night and DAMN those textures. Annie has outdone herself again and again and a-fuckin-gain! I can´t even wrap my head around it how awesome her stuff is. You remember me blogging her older stuff, don´t you? It was awesome, too, but DAMNIT!

Ok but yeah *coughs* I´ll leave you to it then,

take care



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