Where do I belong?

Hello Lovelies,

how´s your day been so far? Oh mine? Mine´s been ok, can´t complain. The sun is shining, it´s quite warm (31°C/88°F),  BUT!!!

As you know my retraining has been cancelled and I´m free again… which means I can go over to D´s antime I want for as long as I want as long as my mail is checked regularly for appointments with the JobCenter or whatever important stuff. Now.. I´m REALLY torn between being here, in our country home and with D in our city home. It´s an hour drive between both homes and the cats HATE driving. Arya so much she starts to snap on Dani when they´re in the box :/ …The alternative would be to leave them here but that´s not really an option to us, as we want the family to be together as much as possible…

I don´t really know how to handle the situation and will have to discuss this with my therapist.

So I had to come back here today as it was my last appointment of physio, I´ll have to go see my doc for another set of 6 soonish. I knew I wanted to blog today and when I browsed through my stuff I recently got a sweatshirt caught my attention. Then I remembered a pose I got back in the old days and never used so… here we go:

Journey Home

The Sweater says “I´ll just pretend to hug you until you get here” – I miss D already XD

Let´s have a traditional StyleCard for nostalgia´s sake then, too, shall we?:

Akasha´s Standards
Mina Fiona
!Rebel Hope – Valentine´s Heart Choker
{C.C.M.} Cozy Sweater Pon and Zi – Hug you
Petite Mort – Stonewash Patch Bellbottoms flat – it´s in their Lucky Boards which you need their group for , but it´s also for their darker sister store Oubliette 😉
>VeNuS< Sneakers Sandy
Cazimi Lemonade Nails – WOH item 😉 – yes it´s free ;P

*MP* Journey Home (Model Poses)
A beautiful sim (adult but peaceful and usually quite empty) that I named Countryside

Damn, looking at the pic I feel my pants standing right next to me… (nope, couldn´t skip that one^^)

Anyways, take care and say hi,




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