Coffeebreak of a Huntress in Summer

Hey Lovelies,

today I feel like a summery outfit.

The Women Only Hunt came very handy for me cos 1313 Mockingbird Lane has the wonderful Tamra dress. It comes with a lil harness, but I went for the harnessless option here.

In fact there are quite some lovely things in there and I´ll feature some of them sooner or later.

After completing a good portion of that hunt over the last days (I didn´t complete it but I went  for those items I wanted to have) I went looking for a nice café to sit in the sun and have a little rest, maybe a drink.

I remembered the cute one in Berlin, it´s Trompe L´oeil´s Vailano Bistro. Just like their other stuff the bistro is SO adorable, yet the seating animations have italian names in this one. It adds to the airy, summery bistro if you ask me and with the little italian I understand I got around just fine.


What was that? The cross you ask? That´s etham´s Hollow Cross Necklace.  Isn´t it lovely? I know Etham´s a store aimed at male avatars but the necklace is quite unisex, isn´t it? 😉


Now another thing I must show you is another awesome piece by Cazimi. Now Dima, being the sweetheart that she is, picks one of her bloggers as Blogger of the Month and has them design a set of nail appliers. This one´s the pink in “Dan´s Glitter and Metallic” set. I LOVE it and how it goes with Tamra.

The rest is just my usual standard look .

snaapshot_003But now my lovelies, it´s time to get up and going…


… tons of Chaos to be caused and things to be discovered and my beloved Pixelfashion pumps need to be walked.

Feel free to say hi,




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