Failure…Freedom…what the fuck?

Hello Lovelies,

Well there´s news! Sorry I meant to peak up earlier but…you know how RL is… Plus I had a 3 week holiday, where D and I went on many trips and spent half the time here, the other half including his birthday at “his” place.  As you know I watered my beloved laptop so I´m offline when I´m over there. Not that we would have had the time *laughs*.

Anyways. Due to my psychostuffs my retraining has been cancelled. They decided to not give me warnings but tell me in a 4:1 feedback talk, no therapy session or ability to talk someone afterwards. Fun times. Plus it was monday before the holiday started so I had to go there the whole week with that knowledge. Great when you´re struggeling and having panic attacs, right?

This monday was the talk with my Jobcenter agent and they told me to see my doc to get signed off until my psychiatrist is back to write the official letter. This means :

I`M FREE AGAIN!!! Damn this retraining was a bad idea… it was a typical “no don´t do…oh my she does it…” situation. Fucked me up big times.



So rejoice and be happy  – you´ll have me pester you a lot more now.

Of course that means I´m online more, both in SL and on Discord (the Forum Cartel has it´s own discord server now *yeeey*) – and I had some interesting conversations on the BVN Server.

One of the topics is why some designers are asking for a certain amount of views and follower on flickr. In times where you can buy hundreds of likes for a  couple of *insert currency here* – what do likes and awards and copy/paste comments mean?

I don´t think they mean much. If there´s witty comments (I try to comment on pics that speak to me), if there´s a discussion or even almost a party under a FB post – doesn´t that mean more?

The other topic is diversity. Skell Dagger has posted about it last night :a little ranty but he does have a point – as usual 😉

Edit: Another friend of mineblogged a wonderful text about it: Meet the wonderful Tosha Bergan

I myself have noticed it, too. For guys the selection is quite limited recently and for girls… HM! I´ve tried to go back into my beloved alternative substyle. But nowadays the vast majority of goth/punk fashion is… the same “dresses” that I wear as shirts, just in black.

HM! I´ve raided the Gothic Garage sale and Suicide Dolls, Psycho Barbie amongst others and you´ll see quite a bit of it in the future, but yeah. Tough times 😦 . The mix of skincolours and ethnicities you see out and around nowadays kinda seems to be more vivid, yet the huge tits and arses are still around *laughs* I guess it will always be a thing.

Uh and when again did the girls or people in general shrink to a more realistic height? I´m not a fuckin giant, damnit!! 😛 I´ve  modded my standard shape to have a realistic height difference to most male avatars and most recently I´m…spitting on their heads! Easily! Wearing flats!

I´m ranting… sorry – and you lot are curious as to where I found the outfit parts, eh?

Ok let´s start at the top!


Hi there 😉

These eyes! Do you see them? Yeah? They´re 90% my RL eyes. (I almost posted a side by side pic Kasha/Alex in my last post but chickened out XD maybe I will some day XD)

The creator, lovely DIMA of CAZIMI  is also on the BVN Discord server and I was able to thank her! I love doing that! Give the designers some feedback, willya? Drop them a nice line or two – they get lashed with complaints so much they need a lil pampering 😉 Trust me  Blender and Photoshop are a huge pain in the arse at times and I don´t think other 3D Programs are easier :D.


Dork pic – blooper time XD But hey! I just had to add this one XD

ok yeah …so… where was I … Yeah right! The hair´s Truth´s most recent GG Yuko and the lipstick is a blended version (~50%) of Lisa Walker´s Mermaid Collection Lipstick 0.1 at Mermaid Cove.



The nail polish is one of the finds at Gothic Garage sale which will return in January as I´ve been informed/warned XD. It´s by Koffin Nails and it´s their Synthetic Glow set.

Now let´s talk about the blouse. You see it´s full awesome simpleness in the first pic ^^

It´s by Blueberry. Now – while we´re talking  Berrytime! Blue has opened a VIP group which is currently free.  The description says it all. JOIN THE HELL OUT OF THIS GROUP EVERYBODY!  Oh if you joined the group, shop there once with your VIP tag so your name is in the database … you can win ONE year SL Premium! Cos… Blue is Blue 😉

Anyways this blouse is called Blaire  and was one of the few things I grabbed. It goes so well with alaskametro<3 ´s Mermaid 05 leggins from the Mermaid Cove.

I really like the Greyfitti boots by #hashbang! completing the outfit.

The pics were taken at Backdropcity in their nightlife section. The backdrop is called  FOXCITY. Tasty AF – Diner RARE and my cool pose is a gift by  .:Nanika:.  – Peace .

The rest… well you know… standard stuffs and where to find it 😉

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You made it to the end of the post 😉
Care to give some feedback? Talk to me!




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