Upgrade, Decisions and Processes wrapped up in Sunset Candy

Hello Lovelies,

today I would love to give you some behind the scenes insight on how I operate.

As I´ve told you I have decided on a Mesh head so I need a new skin.


I´ve grabbed …idk HOW many demos and… you know me.. I´ll always be a pale-nose 😛

Now I could just go around and buy all those skins (given I have the money which I don´t XD) I don´t see why I would need more than one skin and head. I´m not much of a changer, I´ve worn GlamAffair´s Cassiopeia for YEARS (not counting the breaks^^). I can alter it enough with make-ups (which I rarely do, too). Of course, if I want to shapeshift there´s a need for more skins (for my Twi`lek Char ^^), but for my everyday use? I mean I don´t have the funds to collect stuff like that anymore, plus… I don´t really change tattoos, skins and heads (even the system ones – one I wore and will be wearing on a daily basis, others I keep just for melancholic reasons as I wore them before the standard one was released – including my RL tattoos ;) – ok I would wear those on an Alex Version of Kasha XD) .

I kinda see my chars as persons, they´re all parts of me but sometimes I dream of us sitting around a table and talk or I see Kasha or Rhian (my SW Chat RP Char – who is 1:1 Kasha just a bit …much more of a temper than I and Kasha have – maybe as much as Kasha had back in ~2012^^) cursing me or yelling at me XD. Now… I do have ONE head, ONE skin and only so much of space for tattoos.
Hair is changeable – be it via the hairdresser or my own skilled hands (well… xD theoretically xD) or via wigs. The Skin and Body stays. Kasha varies her looks via fashion and all that enough for my liking ^^. If you add my VERY tiny budget (SL is pure luxury as it is for me, kind of a therapeutic creative outlet) you´ll understand why I make such a fuss out of decisions.

I made a list in my SL Journal:


As you can see I  put 5 boxes behind the names. I´ll wear the demos 5 times now..just randomly do another round, do other stuff, slap them on again… and weed out more.

The winner will be bought 🙂  Current Status Quo:


Oh  and a dear friend of mine (hey Fiona^^) suggested Magic Fishing (amongst other fishing games) to me, cos well… I need money and as I´ve said before RL retraining, the lack of a laptop, the other hobbies and my depression keep me from looking  for a paid SL Job.

That´s what I´ve been doing for about 3 hours yesterday and am doing it right now while I type this. The Catwa Omega Relay is close I tell ya!!! YEEEY!

But after a while the sea breeze made me sleepy so I headed over to Backdrop City and threw myself into the “Day Hammock”

it was SO comfy that I stayed well into the night and way past my bedtime *oooops*^^ (more on my flickr^^)

I´m wearing :

Catwa´s Kathy Head, Maitreya´s Lara Body, AviGlam´s Vivid Eyes in Night, Lamb´s Cupid GroupGift (they have so many out…unbelievable! The group is free to join btw^^),  Chop Zuey´s She Sells She Shells Necklace, Etchaflesh´s Sookie Halter, Carol G´s Romantic Roses, Stelloane´s Boho girl dreamcatcher armwrap, FashionNatic´s Miya Skirt and KC´s Shelby Heels.

The Hut in the first pic is by DustBunny and the Day Hammock at BackDropCity is by {moss&mink} 😉

Oh and by the way. I made a blogger list where you can put your name and few details about yourself then to see who´s out there, follow others and maybe collaborate.

I can´t wait to see where this is going.




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