“Alles neu macht der Mai” aka May changes everything

Hello Lovelies,

yes I know a German title is rare for me …but it´s a saying^^

Ok so where to start… maybe here:

After SEVEN (yes, you´ve read that right… SEVEN!!!) fuckin´months of demoing, crying, ranting, cursing I managed to decide on a mesh head: Catwa´s Kathy.

Not only being the only head I liked and recognized myself with but the support group being nothing but charming, helpful and a ton of fun *grins*. Just like my Lara body this head was a surprising gift by a wonderful friend, I wish I could hug her till she´d gasp for air.

Now with that sorted I grabbed my journal to see what´s next:

  • Omega Relay
  • Test Bake on Mesh
  • new Skin
  • new Make-Up
  • new AO
  • continue to catalogize that damn inventory, bitch!!!

easy, right? Play LindenRealm (a friend of mine just referred me to some fishing stuff and “Lindo” to make more L$ cos I can´t commit to a regular job with a schedule atm… I just can´t, cos it would be quite the dick move to be unreliable. I´ve been unreliable enough with my beloved blog which still haunts me ;-;  *coughs… BTT!!!) make some L$ and then buy that stuff and continue to take pics, hang out, dance in clubs, cause chaos in groupchats and blog^^

But there I stood, looked at my home and couldn´t stand the sight of it so I put it away. I browsed all the other houses I had but none were acceptable atm.

I´m looking into a small, preferably one story home with a room for a bathroom, kitchen  and bedroom. Though I could do without a kitchen,…. I don´t know I guess it just has to click.  Right now Trompe L´oeil´s Haider Elevated is under consideration and… I think it was DAD´s Victorian Sunrise Cottage. Well you´ll see once I´ve decided and invested .

Now.. I know you lot are curious so let´s get to today´s pics :

I´m wearing my Bento Kasha´s Custom Perfection Shape, Catwa´s Kathy 3.2 head, AviGlam´s Melancholia Eyes in Forest, Maitreya´s Lara 4.1 body, CarolG´s R, Lamb´s Dissolved Girl Hair in Pink Ombre,  Well Made´s Shery Dress, Bowtique´s Rose Fishnet Stockings and Amacci´s June Sorbet Heels.

All of that is draped upon my Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Garden Bar and snapped with Paulina´s Fairy warm pink Windlight.

(btw – I´ll give you the names but I won´t put any links in here, just tags 😛 You guys are not stupid, maybe a bit lazy but this way it´s up to you if you want to shop inworld or on the marketplace 😉 Either way – LOVE THOSE DEMOS!!!!!)

Now there´s a story why I picked this outfit:

I was running around Linden Realm to grab some gems and turn them into a few  L$ when I ran past a very stereotypical hiphop-hipster boy. Internally I rolled my eyes and PLOPP there was the IM – in Spanish. Now SL is an international environment. I don´t run around talking German unless I know the person I´m talking to will understand me. It´s rude to expect people to speak your language, folks.  Don´t do that! Dick move!

He threw adjectives at me (wow….) and then whinced, when I called him out on being rude. I blocked him and while answering on a forum post regarding bad pick up lines the next guy IMed me, in Spanish, too.  I know the odd word in Spanish, still. INTERNATIONAL^^ Let´s start with English, shall we? While I kindly told him to fuckoff I changed my title in my private group to “No, nope, nein;)” and donned this outfit. I meant to grab the Shery dress anyway and I will wear it on quite some occasions – as a shirt though. I´ll leave that length for a dressto others 😉

Ok folks I´ll leave you with that, I´m dead tired.

Read you soon, feel free to say hi inworld 😉




One thought on ““Alles neu macht der Mai” aka May changes everything

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