Little bats go Klubbing? HELL YEAH they do!

Hello Lovelies,

as promised we´re teaming up now to show you lot some of the newly released awesomeness on the grid.

Klubwerk´s Kiana has been busy and so has VRD´s Marzana.

On a special note according VRD  – it´s Frozen Rage´s bday today so – Happy Birthday Boss 😉

erm yeah – back to topic, right?^^

Both VRD and Klubwerk have spoiled me and us  with quite some niceness plus Ikari transformed into another RP Character of his. He´s an excellent Roleplayer and has tons of characters so be surprised. I´ll introduce them when I tell our story – are you guys even interested in that? 😉 Anyways. I guess I should explain the title – well the shoes are called “kleine Fledermaus” which is german for little bat. As I combined them with Klubwerk´s pants – well – they´re going clubbing *insert Alf´s HAAHAAHAAA tablepatting laughter here 😉 *

Ain´t he strong?

and sooo cool *swoons*

Though my arse isn´t too bad either, is it? 😉

But that´s enough from us today *closes the imaginary curtain of the Pavillion chuckling silently*

Akasha´s wearing

Shape, Mani-/Pedicure, Shoes; Venomous Rage Designs

Hair: Olive

Skin: GlamAffair

Eyes: LAQ

Lipsticks: M.O.C.K.

Lashes: MIAMAI

Collar: Chop Zuey

Shirt: Corvus

Pants; Klubwerk

Slink: High feet, Casual Hands

Tattoos: !:::Wicked Tattoos :::!, .:TAOX:.

Ikari´s wearing:

Skin, Hairbase, Stubbles: Elysium

Glasses: Karacter

Top: 360

Pants:  Klubwerk

Bracelets: BD

Slink: Relaxed Hands, male Feet

FlipFlops:..:: ILLI ::..


Ok now I´m tired and it´s time to head into dreamworld. Nini lovelies

2 thoughts on “Little bats go Klubbing? HELL YEAH they do!

  1. Lol Akasha there are two creators from sl. Laq who do furniture and Lag who doin skins,shapes etc,on market are only that furniture.Pitty not Laq who did skins they are only in world…


    • OMG they´re still there? PHEW!!!!! Ok I will find a LM then SL was quite iffy for me last night I thought they were gone ;-; So glad they´re not^^ Thanks for the update.

      Found it – hate it when inworld search wont work XD – THANKS again *offers hug*


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