cute, kickass, punky, kasha!

Hey my Lovelies,

wow…finally…time to blog… (well…let´s be honest…taking pics, cropping them…blogging – that´s one part… the PR afterwards takes up to 1,5 hrs *depending on how many FB groups come up with captchas xD*^^)! It´s been SOOOOO hot, but on the positive side – today moi and my RL bf are having our 7yr anniversiary^^ WHEEE^^ that means chinese dinner 🙂 *we have this lil tradition haha*

Erm…yeah…I´m drifting…back to topic *coughs* I planned to introduce someone…very important…in my SL…the most important person in fact… but he´s been drawn to RL due to a horrible event recently so that will have to wait…! So I changed my plan and now I´m gonna show you a look including several things I love – spikes, tattoos, corsets and some awesome jeans.

Now let me comment on those jeans! Again they´re Lapointe&Bastchild Mesh´es and  of course SM+ fits as if Paul had grabbed me to model the jeans around my legs …true story…(even without the alpha they almost fit perfectly^^ I´ve tried^^) – BUT!!! – this time it seems like he was torn a bit… they´re normal jeans – but have a latex covering till mid-thigh! Sounds strange huh? It´s actually pretty cool^^ It´s like he was thinking ´ok time for new jeans! hmmm or latex?*starts to cover the legs in black latex….stops at mid thigh…* or just leave them plain…damn…can´t get it off…anyways…´. But then maybe it was on purpose? I haven´t talked to him (if you read this feel free to comment…^^) . Still they´re unique in SL and…friggin cool^^

My Standards (Version 06)
Wasabi Pills Miyu Powder
!Bliss Prozak Rose
.::Delusions::. Demonic Dreams
.VOLUPTIA. Lila bra
[Etchaflesh] Sick Chick Underbust
.:L&B:. Skinny Dipped Jeans Slate
.:L&B:.  Lace up Platforms Snake
Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
.:*LouLou&Co*:. Enigma bracelets black
hope you like it 🙂  
P.S. I swear I can´t type…not even my own name!  I wished you could see how I type Alasha EVERY DAMN time *laughs*

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