Country Blue

Hey Pack

I just got an idea I wanted to show you 🙂

~ by the way – this is my wonderful friesian mare BlackPearl 🙂 ~

My Standards (Version 06)
eXxEsS Veela in Electric Blue
!Bliss Prozak Rose
.::Delusions::. Demonic Dreams 
>>GothiCatz<< Human Shirt
.:L&B:. Skinny Dipped Jeans Dark Blue
@ CDC Ballerina Heidi Ballet flats black @ SLX

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
.:*LouLou&Co*:. Enigma bracelets black
-[SK]- Beast Lover Belly Piercing

You´ll learn the special meaning behind the Piercing soon (a slight hint – my title in my personal group is Miss Beast  – I won´t go into detail how I got this nick though  XD)

Oh and… on another note – my bestie – you know him^^ the sweetheart who upgraded my shape customwise (it was custom before but…erm yeah…I´ve told the story I know^^) suggested I´d become a shopping advisor. I hesitated because I didn´t think this would be needed in SL but today Ramses Meredith of Egoisme and Frolic Mills both agreed that it would be a good idea… *shrugs* and who could turn those boys down? So… if you need help – drop me a line and we´ll work things out 😉

take care,

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