KaTink – Bloody Mess of a Kitchen


Today my beautiful Lovelies I was added as an official KaTink – Blogger – YEEEEY^^ – and we were given something to show off ;)

I´ll start with this one because I was wearing the perfect outfit for it (which wont appear in a StyleCard this time but I´ll add the tags so just search and hit the stores and see if you can find it ;P *I love to give credit but I want to find the balance between giving credit and supporting a huge amount of laziness you know *)

AAANYWAYS let me show you what this awesome Halloween Prop is about:

~ 1 ~
~ 2 ~
~ 3 ~
~ 4 ~
~ 5 ~
I wanted to add : I DIDN´T DO IT! Not that anybody would believe me but… ah fuckit – I had my reasons mhkay? ;)
Grab it here while you wait for the other new KaTink Items I just gotta show you (once my marketplace order arrives…XD)
take care

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